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About Us

O.C. Dream Center comes to Orange County! The O.C. Dream Center is a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit Organization based in Orange County California. O.C. Dream Center mission is to reach people with needs, rescue individual's dreams and restore hope within our various communities. Dream Centers across the world have accomplished this through feeding programs, shelters, coaching, youth programs, medical assistance, seminars and various other programs. These programs are used to help individuals and families get off the streets or help them get back into society.  There are around 27 other Dream Centers that have been started in other states such as Florida, Texas, Ohio, Hawaii, New York and many International Dream Centers in Brazil, Australia, the United Kingdom and other Countries. In a city where dreams have started to be forgotten, the O.C. Dream Center is excited to partner with cities within Orange County to help see dreams come alive.


Reach, Teach, Train, and Touch

What we do.

Our goal at the Orange County Dream Center is to support the local community and the County of Orange through each one of our programs. We seek to build relationships and trust in families and individuals who have experienced brokenness or are lacking hope, to bring them to a place of stability and ultimately lead them to a relationship with Jesus. 


We do this through a layered approach, involving consistency, trust, and a demonstration of Jesus’ deep and encompassing love through meeting practical needs of the community. Our goal is not to just fix the temporary issues, but to make a lasting impact through a long-term, positive influence. Take a look at our programs to see how we are growing this influence in our community!


Our Programs


Adopt-a Block

The Adopt-a-Block program is an outreach that demonstrates Godʼs unconditional love to the Orange County community through practical acts of service.


Go Kids

A high-energy atmosphere at a designated location within an Adopt-a-Block site for children and youth where they participate in games and activities, learn life lessons, eat snacks and build relationships.

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Dream Closet

We collect food, clothing and household items to care for families and individuals, giving them a place to sleep, food to eat and a change of clothes.


Contact Us

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Our Team

We are a diverse group of passionate men and women, who believe we can change our city, community and neighborhoods by giving Hope and bringing restoration to lives. 



Samuel Carter is a dedicated humanitarian who has over two decades of experience in helping the less fortunate throughout California, Denver, Dallas, England and South Africa. He has a passion to build structures and bring security to those in need. He has helped build and/or develop educares, youth empowerment campaigns, aids clinics, and free medical operations / initiatives throughout the world.


Joshua Horton

Operations manager of the Orange County Dream Center, and Probation Officer who believes that reaching and changing lives at a young age is necessary. Josh has traveled the world speaking about Hope and giving young people the chance to have their Dreams Come true.   


Ed Norwood

Ed Norwood is a Successful Businessman, Founder and CEO of Champions Unleashed. He is a passionate and motivational speaker, who has encouraged and helped many people accomplish their dreams by starting a Dream Job Conference. 


Paula Carter

Paula Carter is the Founder PS Designs. She has a passion to impact family's lives throughout Orange County with Hope and Healing. She has worked for over fifteen years with South Africa's Bonginkosi an educare in the heart of Cape Town's neediest area.  


Stephanie Horton

Stephanie Horton is on the board of PS Design. She has traveled the world with Kids Quest, impacting public and private school for the last decade. Through Kids Quest she has reached over 750,000 children with the anti-bullying message you can be "strong, bold, and fearless."