The Adopt-a-Block program is an outreach that demonstrates unconditional love to the Orange County community through practical acts of service. These acts of service range from lawn care and home repair to delivering toys for Christmas and playing games in the neighborhood on an event Saturday.

The vision of Adopt-a-Block is to build long-term relationships with the people we interact with on an outreach Saturday. As we serve each week we partner with individuals, on a personal level, on their journey to see dreams realized. Adopt-a-Block provides vision and structure to the body of Christ so that through relationship-building and joyful service, Christʼs love revolutionizes communities, one block at a time!

The beauty of Adopt-a-Block is that a person does not have to be a highly trained in order to take part. Anyone who loves people, and is willing to serve can play a vital role. If people can bake cookies, play basketball or just make someone feel special, they are more than qualified to show love to the hurting and the lost. The “blocks” are the perfect arena to discover and use the individual talents God has designed in each person!

Several components make Adopt-a-Block what it is:


  • The Dream Closet: Clothing and food donations from the surrounding community are filtered through our Dream Closet and then distributed each month to our families in need.

  • Go Kids: Our 'youth' program within Adopt-a-Block that creates opportunities for volunteers to interact with kids and teens that need positive influence in their lives.

  • Champions League: Activating our youth to use their talents to glorify God, and teach them how to grow in their team-player mentality, discipline, and confidence.

  • Hangouts: Outside opportunities for us to build relationships with our youth & families. These can range from our weekly art classes during the Summer, to Angel's or Duck's games with the team, and so much more. There is always something we are doing with our Adopt-a-Block families!